I just wanted to again congratulate my cute friend Jen and her cute new hubby Caleb on their wedding this past Saturday. Could she be a prettier bride!?! Congrats Cuties!


When he's smiling at you!

When he wants you to smile at him!

I know he's mine, but I think he has the GREATEST smile EVER!!!! I kept joking about how I was going to miss his yummy, gummy, smile once he got teeth and as of September 17th his first tooth sprouted. Luckily I was able to catch these pictures before the first tooth made an apperance. We tease that he has his All American smile and his Asian smile. Whenver he smiles he has his entire mouth open except when he's trying to get a laugh himelf he smiles so hard his eyes shut! As I thought now that he does have teeth his smile, although just as cute, is quite different. I will try to catch a quick pic of the new smile with teeth....the long lashes add to it also!

September Recap

September came and went. I'm caught up on the photos so I will now be able to start on our recent Disney trip. We had a busy September; Swiss Days, State Fair, soccer games, school started, Dominic's first tooth, birthdays, weddings, expo' other words A LOT. I keep telling myself I'm going to stay on top of this blog, it just doesn't quite happen. Anyways, on with October!


Rocco and I had another date night at the fair. I took him to his first Demolition Derby. He LOVED it (surprise), what little boy wouldn't love watching cars smash into each other. We yelled and cheered for our favorite cars and laughed a lot. We were also able to see Terry Fader, the million dollar winner from America's Got Talent, he's really good. I love spending one on one time with Rocco, he's quite a fun date!


We had a great time at the fair this year. Rocco's favorite thing to do is, "Little Hands On The Farm". This is something Vinnie sponsors, it teaches kids about life on the farm and how you work to raise animals or food for a living. We also had fun seeing all of the animals, riding the rides, and taking silly photos. We average about 4 or 5 trips to the State Fair each year! Needless to say, WE LOVE IT!


At the beginning of the month of September Dominic and I started our Little Gym class. Little Gym is like a mommy and me class. Since we have been going he's now mobile. However, to get around he scoots on his bum and thrusts, it's pretty funny. He can get up on all fours but refuses to crawl. Hey, if you find something that works....go with it. His favorite time at Little Gym is at the end when they bring out the balls and them blow bubbles.


Ok all, we're off to the happiest place on earth. The Fassio's and Carlson's are off to CALIFORNIA! It's so nice when your best friend marries your husbands best friend. Anyway, so Sorry September, won't be bloggin' about your month anytime soon! We will be flying into San Diego Wednesday to spend Thursday in Sea World, then we'll drive to Anaheim Thursday night to spend Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at the Magic Kingdom. We'll be home next Monday. I'll catch you all up then.....