Holiday Baking

It looks like the gingerbread houses were a huge hit this year. What a clever idea to premake the kits. Anywho, here is ours....don't mind that the snowman and gingerbread man are headless. The boys felt the need to sample them before actually decorating them and of course our gingerbread guys had to be playing sports hence the basketball and soccer ball.
As for the reindeer cookies, funny story, I was invited to a cookie exchange and so that afternoon I made 3 dozen reindeer cookies, (that's 72 antlers and 72 eyes) unfortunately the exchange was also the night of the bad storm and after a call from a girlfriend and Vinnie getting home from work both telling me just how bad the roads were, I had to call Alix and tell her that neither I nor the 36 reindeer were coming. For someone who is HORRIBLE in the kitchen, I do think they turned out pretty cute and wanted to post them for all to see.

First Snowman of the Season

For Christmas we gave out some snowman kits. Here is a snowman built by Rocco, Kennedi, and Hailey. They couldn't quite get the snow to roll, but we think they did a pretty good job!

Hidden Valley Christmas Party

Here are a few pictures from the Children's Christmas Party at the Hidden Valley Country Club. We had a great time with family and friends and even Santa was able to attend which was fun for Rocco and again not so fun for Dominic. So, this makes it our 3rd Christmas party down, only 4 more to go! 'Tis the Season! I am happy to report that I am officially finished with all of my Christmas shopping. Getting everything wrapped is another story. My goal is to have it done this week so that I can just enjoy the week of Christmas. We'll see...

Look what Wii Got!!!

Love at first sight!

The face of concentration

We even got Grandma in on the action!

Wii celebrated Vinnie's 32nd birthday on December 6th and I am happy to report that after 3 days of camping out at WalMart Wii finally got the Wii Nintendo for Vinnie's birthday. I had no idea that they were nearly impossible to get. However, they are worth it, it is a TON of fun. Vinnie is not too hot on celebrating his birthday (how can you not love your birthday) anyways, we went to dinner with his family and came home to test out the new Wii. I feel that I should let you know that it is rather addicting. I'm not sure who has more fun with it, Rocco or Vinnie.

Mini Photo Shoot

I don't have my new camera but I did a mini photo shoot with my best friends daughters (my goddaughters) Kennedi and Hailey for their Christmas cards. I thought I'd post a few. I've been having a great time with photo shop and digital scrapbooking and think their cards turned out quite cute if I don't say so myself! Sorry their dog didn't make it on this years card. Maybe next year Mojo!

Table Ad or Hat?!?

This picture just goes to show you exactly how it is going out to dinner with a 3 year old. Silly me, I thought it was just a table advertisement!

Too Bad, So Sad

The temporary new door, post accident

My cousin Jared (Store Owner) and Dominic

Here are a couple pictures of my cousin Jared's Cold Stone Shop on 5400 south and State. The other week an 80+ gentleman got the pedals in his car mixed up and instead of braking when he got to the curb he excelled and went straight through my cousin's front windows. First things first, no one was injured, embarrassed, but not injured. They've joked that there is NO drive thru. Sorry Jared! The good news is the store is still open, the outside just doesn't have quite the same curb appeal! Hot new flavors to try at Cold Stone are: Oatmeal cookie dough or Candy cane