School Pix

Rocco's Kindergarten class



Gally Up!

Atleast once a day we are dressed in our hat and boots

Our horses say, "Gally Up" instead of giddy up!

Rocco's New Guitar

I think he likes it!


Rocco's pizza smile

At the farm the kids got to see all the animals and went for a hay ride

crazy faces!

The highlight of the trip for Rocco was riding in the school bus

Mother's Day 2010

Woke up to Mommy Day Prizes. Went to breakfast at Market Street Grill with my mom, grandma, and aunt. Vinnie and Rocco went golfing with Vinnie's side of the family.

Rocco made me a pot holder

Dominic made me this darling necklace that I wore with pride all day!

Dominic and I met up with the Fassio side on the last 2 holes of the golf course and then all had dinner at the club. Rocco ordered his shirley temple in a fancy glass

The boys golfed with Vinnie's mom, grandma, and aunts

Dominic got to play the last two holes

Rocco played ALL 18 holes

Dominic and daddy's big dog cover "Cam the Ram"

Finally it's Dominic's Turn!!!!

First sporting event that Dominic is on the team and not just there to cheer on his brother!

Super excited! He has been wearing his cleets (teets as he says) for weeks now

He kicks


Teacher Appreciation Gifts 2010

Water bottles and Crystal Light

7 day pill box

Mon: "You really measure up" - tape measurer
Tues: "You are sharp as a tack" - tacks
Weds: "You were MINT to teach" - mints
Thurs: "You really hold things together" - paperclips
Fri: "I am stuck on you" - magnets
Sat: "A little note to tell you you're a wonderful teacher" - post its
Sun: "SODA you know you're a great teacher" - $ for the soda machine
Poem on outside of box: A daily gift for all you do
Teaching my child each day through
Making a difference without taking a rest
As a teacher you are one of the best!
For the office staff, principle, music teacher, and librarian

Dominic's treats

Mommy's Selfish Weekend

Waiting for the tram to take us to the park
Me and my BFF

Deb, Mickey, Whitney, and Kathy (Deb's SIL who was nice enough to drive us)

Deb and Whit in California Adventure

Tower of Terror is my FAVORITE ride

California Screamin' is my 2nd favorite

Disney candied apples

Favorite disney snack, chocolate covered banana

Splash Mountain
Disneyland really is the happiest place on earth!

Rocco's Spring Program

I'm pretty sure this isn't where the strap goes!

Kaydence, Madison, Steffan, Rocco, Sam, Alexa

Dominic trying on Rocco's hat

Katie, Steffan, and Rocco

Steffan and Rocco

"Goldilocks and the Three Bears"
Hold on to your socks, hold on to your socks, hold on to your socks, here comes Goldilocks!

Rocco and both of his Great Grandmas
GG and Noni

Miss Aiello, Rocco, and photo bomber Dominic

Ms. Rose and Rocco