Rocco At The Beach

I thought these pictures were too cute. It's kind of hard to tell but Rocco is covered in sand. Sunscreen really helps it to stick! Rocco loves the beach, as you can see his favorite part is playing in the sand. He even let Nana B and I bury him. We also had fun playing ocean tag. We would have liked to have swam in the ocean but it was FREEZING! We can't wait to go back next month!

Grandpa Gregg and Nana B's

Our Trip to Newport Beach, Dominic's first visit to the ocean

Rocco and Nana B

Dominic did not like the feel of the sand

Eating the infamous frozen banana on Balboa Island

Rocco and Grandpa Gregg in his "Race Car"

Vinnie had a business meeting in Ontario, which is not far from my dad in Anaheim Hills, so the fam and I tagged along. It was a quick visit, but well worth it. We were able to take Dominic to the ocean for the first time. Unlike his brother, Dominic did not like the feel of sand. He was content to sit on the beach towel and watch the seagulls. We also were able to spend a morning on Balboa Island. We got to see our California cousins and most importantly we were able to spend time with Grandpa Gregg and Nana B. We really miss them! Rocco especially liked riding in Grandpa's race car. Grandpa even let him drive. Our "Fake Car" is the one you see in the driveway; that's what Rocco called the rental car. We had a wonderful visit. Lucky for us, we're going back in October and will get to see them again.

Date Night With Beauty & The Beast

Our Prince and Princess Crowns

Our crowns turned Super Hero Masks!

Rocco and I had a fabulous date night. We went to dinner at McDonald's (his choice of course) and then went to see a production of "Beauty and The Beast" at the Sandy Amphitheater. It was fabulous and Rocco loved it! All 2 and 1/2 hours of it! We sat on the lawn in our beach chairs and snuggled under the blanket once the sun went down. We purchased crowns, he was the prince and I was Belle, which quickly turned into superhero masks but putting them over our eyes. After the play Rocco was able to meet the cast members which he thought was REALLY COOL. His favorite was not the Beast, not Lumiere, but "Chip", Mrs. Potts son, played by a 7 yr. old little boy named Andrew. I think Rocco was bitten by the acting bug that night, he says he'd like to play Chip next year.

Go Lions!!!

How cute is the uniform!

Gettin' in on the action

How many goals Rocco scored his first game!

Rocco started soccer this season. He's #6 and plays for the Lions. If you've never watched 3-5 year olds play soccer it goes a little something like this: If one team member falls down, they all fall down. Even if they fall on the opposite end of the field, the remaining team members run to that side to fall on top of the original fallen player. Not the best defense. They also travel in a small herd. Where ever the ball is, they ALL are, unless a player has fallen they are all with him. There is also a lot of dancing and gymnastics happening out on the field as well. The games are very entertaining. It's really fun to watch him play. He had a great first game, he scored 3 goals. I'm not sure who was more excited, him or mom. They also get a 1/2 time treat and an end of the game treat, these are just as exciting as scoring goals. You hear the phrases: "When is it time for our treat", as much as you hear "Don't touch the ball with your hands" Love it!!!

What happened to August!!!

Ok all, sorry I haven't posted in a while. Where did August go? You blink and it's gone. Bye-bye summer. We had a busy month, lots of fun things happened. I posted a few of the highlights and will try to catch up and post the rest of our August adventures. I'm not going to let September slip away from me like August did. Here are a few of the highlights thus far. More to follow soon....

Rocco's First Day of School

Rocco started preschool on the 20th of August at St. Francis Xavier. His teachers name is Mrs. "Z". There's a boy in his class named Dominic, what are the chances!?! He really likes school. We went to Raging Waters after school to celebrate.

Weekend in Oakley

New cabin being built

Cowboys horses

Dominic riding Oreo

Even Vinnie got in on the action

We had a great weekend in Oakley Utah. Vinnie's Aunt and Uncle are building a new cabin up in Pine Mountain so we went to check out the progress. Vinnie's cousin Steve, whom we call "Cowboy" has his horses up there as well. It is so beautiful up there. I am truly envious. We had a great time feeding and riding the horses, riding the 4 wheelers, and taking in the fresh air. On the way home we stopped in Park City to ride the Alpine Slide and hit the Nike outlet for new school shoes. Thanks Kladis' and Cowboy for an awesome weekend.

Happy Anniversary

Vinnie and I celebrated our 6th year anniversary on August 4th. It was Mexico in the rotation as to where we would go but seeing how Dominic is attached at the hip and everyone was a little nervous about watching him for the first time overnight, we only made it as far as Park City. It was nice, we even managed to stay up until 10 which was pretty good for us seeing how we'd gone to the Arts Festival that afternoon, rode the Alpine slide (which I won on the race down), had a nice dinner, hot tubbed and sat in the sauna. It's crazy to think we've been married for 6yrs. and even crazier to think that we've been together for 12! Good times...