Surf's Up!!!

Here are a few pictures of Dominic's nursery. Jenica, this is for you! Also, as soon as our house addition is done Dominic will be getting a new bedroom, which he has deemed a SUPERHERO theme and his nursery will become my craft room. Needless to say surfers, the ride is almost over!

Easter 2009

Rocco was diggin' the shirnk wrap eggs

Dying Easter Eggs with the cousins

Dominic and Celeste. Not only did Dominic dye the eggs he re-dyed them over and over again!

The Easter Bunny sent the boys on a scavanger hunt. This is where they finally found their baskets, on the stairs that are under construction

Rocco is a HUGE Scooby Doo fan these days

Dominic is all about Diego

Easter breakfast...OFF WITH HIS HEAD!!!

Outside for a little bubble blowing

and sidewalk chalk

Easter Egg Hunt at Grandmas

We hid about 100 plastic eggs for the boys to find. They loved it!

April Showers

Dominic just can't pass a puddle without jumpin' in

Moon boots make are great for puddle jumpin'

It's all fun and games goes down!


Rocco's Easter treats for his class.

I'm sure I'm not the first to come up with this saying, someone on TV referenced their "PEEPS" as in friends and an idea was born! Inside the bags were "PEEPS" themselves and a coloring page.

I got this page from on line.

Here is a little Easter arrangement for Rocco's teacher. With the added "PEEP" on top! This is the same flower arrangement I made with the shaker bottles (from an earlier post) and in one of the holes I put a PEEP on a skewer and placed it in one of the holes.