Happy Birthday Dominic!

Dominic's Birth Announcement
I can't believe my baby is 2. I remember vividly the day he was born. We had gone to the Mom's movie that morning. We picked my dad and B up from the airport that afternoon. They had flown in from California that day because I was scheduled to be induced the next morning. I vacuumed the house at 3:30 and felt something weird and wondered if that was a contraction. You see I was induced with Rocco and I had an epidural with him so I had never experienced contractions. Another one came about 5 minutes later so I called Vinnie, my mom, and Andrea and told them all that I was going to drink some water lay down on my left side and call them in an hour. I laid down and had 2 more 5 minutes apart. They then started coming every 3 minutes. I thought I'd better shower because I had been waiting until the morning when I was scheduled to be induced! I remember trying to wash my hair and having to brace myself on the door and the wall each time a contraction came. I had 3 minutes of relief in between each contraction and got my hair wahed and had to get out. After my quick shower I thought I'd better call Vin. I told him I really thought I was in labor and he'd better come home. He luckily had just pulled up to the house. Knowing I had 3 minutes of relief between each contraction I naturally tried to blow dry my hair. Yeah, not a good idea. A few phone calls later and loading Rocco up we headed to the hospital. My contractions were now 2 minutes apart. In between contractions Vinnie and I were joking about how funny it would be if I couldn't get an epidural. Should of knocked on wood! Needless to say, we arrived at the hospital at 6:00 and Dominic was born at 6:38 Au natural. It all happened so fast that the doctor never even made it and the nurse ended up having to deliver him and more importantly I did not get my ever so wanted epidural. He weighed in a 7 lbs. 4 oz. and was 19 inches long.

Dominic's 2nd Birthday Party

SPONGEBOB theme of course!


Owen's loot

Everyone helped with presents

Super excited about the new SPONGEBOB movie he got

He led everyone in singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Super excited to blow out the candles

Good thing the frosting is blue

and green for that matter!

Build A Bear Birthday

Finding a heart for his penguin

Stuffin' him

Washin' and fluffin' him

Outfitted (in a Jazz jersey none the less) and ready to go!

Ringin' the birthday bell

Stroller ride with his new friend

Birthday lunch at Hot Dog On A Stick

Apparently being 2 is exhausting!

How One Feels After A Night With A Newborn

Poor baby Cruz, better yet, poor Mommy Andrea!

1st Snowfall

Somebody LOVES the snow

Wanting to stay home and play in the snow rather than go to school

Partneres in crime (I captured the snowball coming right at me)

Does Niko's outfit look familiar?


Goggles: Check

Batman Cape: Check

Horse: Check

Ok, Ready To Go!

Ohhhhh, The Powers of Facebook

Andrea, Liz, and I met when we were 10 yrs old. We haven't seen eachother in about 10 yrs and thanks to FaceBook we were reunited and had lunch together. We're even getting together again next week!

Lake Fassio

Vinnie's parents told us they were putting a fountain in the back yard. I was thinking ya know 10ft x 10ft. Instead this is what we found...Not so much as a fountain but a lake.

The rock waterfall

The lake

Rocco climbing the trees

just hangin' around!

Itty Bitty Ball!

Rocco is in HEAVEN, he is finally old enough to play in a REAL BASKETBALL league. The teams consist of 4-6 yr. olds. Needless to say, its pretty entertaining!

Stretching...warming up the muscles

hoping the shot goes in

such form, bend the knees and wave goodbye

just before his first basket to score for his team

Rocco got new shoes and loved how they squeeked on the floor, he has some pretty fancy footwork

playin' at half time

apparently the tongue helps if it's sticking out

Dominic, although he can't play, got some new shoes too!

Twas the Nightmare Before Christmas...

BFF's Andrea and Whitney

Vinnie is too much of a bah humbug about dressing up so I have to recruit Andrea, what a true friend. First she was Homer Simpson to my Marge and now Jack to my Sally. Love Ya!


Dominic Squarepants (his latest OBSESSION!!!)
Trick Treat, as Dominic would yell it!

Niko and Daddy, notice Dominic's black eye

Daddy and Niko on the move

This is the only pix I could get of Rocco, he was too busy to stop and pose

Niko the Vampire, my little Edward in training

Halloween Parade at my Moms School

My mom teaches 5th grade in Sandy and every year for Halloween we like to go visit and be a part of her school Halloween Parade and classroom party. The kids love it!

My Nephew Gavin, Dominic, Niece Celeste, and Rocco

Gavin as BATMAN

The kids with "GG" (Great Grandma)


Rocco (in his 2nd Halloween costume) as a NINJA

Gavin trying to find a spider in the cold noodles

Dominic mad that we won't let him eat the noodles that everyone in my mom's 5th grade class has stuck their hands in trying to find a spider......can you say YUCK!

Rocco trying to find the spider

Celeste giving it a try