Father's Day Pix

Here are the pictures we had taken for Vinnie for Father's Day. We used all of his favorite things, golf and sports. Rocco is actually wearing Vinnie's real golf shoes and hat and posing with his real club. Dominic was more interested in eating the club. The boys also wore Jazz jerseys (Williams and Kirilenko) both with Kirilenko hair dos to match! Vinnie played golf both Saturday and Sunday and then we BBQ'd and swam with Vinnie's parents and brother. We tried to spoil Vin as he does so much for us. After all, he is their HERO!

Family Updates: Whitney

I am good. I'm trying to take advantage of the nice weather. We've been busy with LOTS of outings. We love going to the movies, the ZOO, the park, playlands, and our new favorite IKEA. The latest thing I did was on May 28, I cut 11 inches off of my hair to donate to Locks for Love. It'll grow back (I hope). It was for a REALLY good cause. I don't yet have a picture of me with short hair, only the one of what I cut off.

Vinnie :Who are these masked men?!?

Vinnie is doing well. Work is keeping him busy. However, not too busy to golf. He's so glad the warm weather is finally here and golf season has officially began. He's doing well, despite the Jazz losing. We've opened our pool and are having a great time swimming and BBQing in the backyard. He is Rocco's hero. We call Rocco "Mini Vinnie". Whatever Dad does Rocco must do as well. Rocco has now sworn off "tighty whities" and will only wear boxers because that is what dad does. Poor Vinnie however rarely is called Dad. Rocco refers to him mostly as "Best Bud" or "D Will". Rocco has given everyone in the family a players name from the Jazz. He's an awesome dad!

Rocco Update

Rocco is 3 and all boy. He recently played his first 18 holes of golf the other weekend. Dad wasn't sure he'd make it through 9 holes yet he wasn't ready to quit after the 18th. Rocco is busy, busy, busy. We're trying so hard to keep up with him. He loves sports,(especially Andre Kirilenko from the Jazz who inspires his hair do!) pirates and swords, riding his bike, water guns, and the pool. He just finished his first year of preschool. At his parent teacher conference she told us that Rocco makes sure no one goes without a friend. Whether it's playing house with a girl or blocks with a boy that no one seems to want to play with and because of this everyone wants to be his friend. We were so proud. He loves his little brother, sometimes a little too much. The other day while driving Dominic let out a horrible scream when I asked Rocco what happened he asked, "Why are eyeballs so squishy?!" However, he really does love being a big brother and does a very good job of it!

Dominic Update

Dominic is now 6 months old and is such a fun little guy. He is so layed back, happy, and always smiling. He is now 20 pounds and 28 inches tall. This month he has started eating baby food, learned to sit up by himself (thank goodness) and much to his Daddy's delight has learned to say, "Da Da". He loves his big brother and playing in the pool.