Happy Belated and Happy Almost!

While in San Diego my Dad and his wife B came and stayed for a few days. Since we didn't get to celebrate my dads birthday with him earlier that month, we decided to celebrate together his past June birthday and my July birthday coming up.

We ate a wonderful Family Italian restaurant fully equipped with a life size gondola for the kids to eat in.

We were even serenaded by the owner and his accordion with a wonderful rendition of my favorite song "Happy Birthday". He also played our wedding song for Vin and I, "That's Amore"

I love you Dad! It was fun being able to celebrate together in person! xoxo

San Diego Zoo 2009

Lego Land 2009

Wild Animal Park 2009

Sea World 2009

Happy 4th Birthday Gavin!!!

For my nephews 4th birthday. Just the 2 of us went to Build-A-Bear. This was Gavin's first experience with Build-A-Bear which made it all the more fun.

Here he is suffin his buddy

Washin' his buddy

Dryin' his buddy

Some new Iron Man clothes to complete the look

Rining the Birthday Bell

I brought him back home to play with the boys and have a sleepover. Not that anyone got much sleep!

I love you Gavin!!!!

Happy Dad's Day!

This year we swam, barbequed, and had root beer floats in honor of DADS!

Cute Cousins!!!!

Do You YuDu?

I went on two scrapbook retreats. One was up in Eden Utah. We had a fabulous time. The other was at the cabin of my scrapbookin' buddies. Here are a few shots of our YuDuin'. The YuDu is a personal silkscreening machine from ProvoCraft. We YuDued just about eveything we could think of that weekend.

Dominic's Swim Lessons

Dominic took from SwimKids this summer which is a swimming survival skills program. It taught him to immediately float on his back after jumping into the water to catch his breath and get his bearings before swimming to the side. It was quite amazing and he did really good. Dominic has no fear of the water so these classes were a MUST!

He loved sliding down the little slide

down he went

One more time...

Kickin' it on his back

Crashes on the way home, still sportin' the goggles.

Spring T-Ball

Rocco's First Time Playing T-Ball

My nephew Owen preferred playing in the dirt

Rocco actually hit the ball from the coaches pitch!!!

The Coaches: Vinnie, my big bro Darren, and my little bro Wesley

My newphew Gavin chillin' in the dug out!
It was really fun to have both my nephews on Rocco's team and have all the dads coaching. We'll try it again next spring. For anyone who has ever beem to a t-ball game, they are quite entertaining!!!!

Wasn't Me!!!!

Seeing that we had 4 different types of flooring underneath our carpet, before they could lay the wood they had to put down some kind of cement stuff to help level out the floors. This takes 24-48 hrs. to dry and you CAN NOT WALK ON IT!!!! This particular strip was connecting the old part of the house to the addition. So you had to go up the back stairwell and through the upstairs and back down the front stairwell to get from point A to point B. Very annoying. We had a SERIOUS chat with the boys about NOT walking on the wet cement. Well we were leaving and putting our shoes on when Dominic suddenly appeared at the front door but not from coming down the right stairwell. When I asked him how he got downstairs he burst out crying, this is what I found......

If you look closely you can see that he drove his little skateboard through the entire thing. I now had little tiny feet prints from the back to the front of the house. However, he claims he doesn't know who did it or how it happened.

The Reason for Being So Behind On My Blogging!

The reason for my blogging hiatus. At the end of this spring we started a small house addition to our home. Just a little over 2200 square feet, nothing big! ha ha. Here are a few of the beginning pictures. I will post pictures of the finished project. It feels so good to be able to call it a finished project. It was quite the production but we a thrilled with the results. So I promise to reveal pictures of the new addition in a future post.

Roll out the equiptment. The boys loved watching all of the big machines

A little frame work

A look from the inside

and from the outside

a view from the existing part of the house. this is the wall that will be knocked down to combine the addition to the existing part. the hole is where the sliding glass door to the backyard used to be.

don't mind dominic

who needs TV when you can just watch the construction guys at work.
rocco, dominic, kennedi, and hailey. what you can't see is that they have snacks and everything.

some of the original hardwood floor when the house was built in the 1880's

We uncovered 4 different types of flooring when we pulled up all the carpet. Which is now all dark hardwood floors. we had lots of little surprises throughout the construction. that's what you get with a house almost 130 years old.