Date With Daddy

"Just like Daddy's"

How cute are they? Vinnie took Rocco golfing with him. Can you tell he's a little excited!

Welcome Baby Mia!!!

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! to my friend Bridgette and her hubby Travis on the birth of their darling baby girl MIA!!! What a cutie, mind you she came 5 days after her scheduled due date. Way to hang in there Bridg- I'm glad she's here, she's beautiful!!!

Welcome Baby Harmony

Congratulations to my friend Jenica and her cute family on the birth of their new baby Harmony! This is number four, and she was born on the 4th (my wedding anniversary), it's a good day. She's pretty cute, good job Jenica.

Spaghetti O's

After dinner last night Spaghetti O's should be called Spaghetti O-No's. I might have found Dominics new favorite food. He scarfed these up and when he figured out they were gone he was not happy. It was hysterical to watch him eat them. He would grab a handful, put his head back, his eyes would glaze over, as if each bite was pure heaven. Rocco and I got a kick out of it. As you can see from the photos, the bib was no match for the Spaghetti O's. As you can see he had to go straight to the bath. His eyebrows were killin' me. FYI, it's not that easy to get the sauce out of them. Next time we're going to have to fully undress him, he's going to love it!


Rub-a-dub-dub do they really fit in the tub? They don't have much room with all of their toys. Bath time is one of our favorite times of the day (it also means that bed time is soon after). Rocco likes to decorate Dominic with the bubbles. Dominic doesn't seem to mind. It's the giggling from both of them that's my favorite.


We had fun sitting by the campfire. We made "Smores" and something new to us called "Smookies". Smookies are like smores but instead of useing Grahm Crackers you use Chips Ahoy Cookies. Very tasty, I would highly recommend it.

Flaming Gorge

We had a fun time this past weekend up at Flaming Gorge. We went up with Vinnie's family and some friends who have boats and motor homes. Rocco loved boating and camping (if you can call it camping in a 38 ft. motor home with all the necessities of home) although he wasn't too hot on the life jacket. Dominic is an awesome boater, once the motor kicked on in the boat Dominic was OUT and once the motor was shut off he was wide awake again ready to play. However, Dominic wasn't appreciating the water temp.

We ate like royalty this last weekend. My poor family, we don't eat this well at home. Corby and Vinnie's cousin Brian were incredible. We had quite the spread. Breakfasts were eggs (Fassio of course) bacon, sausage, pancakes, juice. Dinner consisted of lemon pepper and garlic sauteed shrimp for appetizers, then steaks and ribs, sauteed mushrooms and onions, steamed veggies, corn on the cob, baked beans, funeral potatoes, macaroni salad, and garlic bread. This was not how I am used to eating camping. Growing up we had cold cereal and muffins for breakfast and tin foil dinners. Corby (the one in the apron) I had named the Flaming Gorge Guru. His camping cooking equipment is nicer than my kitchens. Dominic's new favorite food is corn on the cob. He had no teeth and managed to eat 3 cobs.

We beached on Saturday. The water was nice, don't listen to Dominic. Rocco caught crawdads (sp?) and got great use out of his water guns. Honey is the Larsen's dog, she is an awesome dog. She kept Dominic entertained.