Dominic was way too into the game!


The Carlson Clan {Kennedi, Andrea, Hailey, Damon}

Mommy & Dominic

The kids were convinced this was Corbin Blue from High School Musical

Final Score: JUDGE 77 WASATCH 65. The Judge Bulldogs won the state champ title in boys basketball last weekend. Seeing how Vinnie is an alumni we were there. The kids had a fun time. It's almost scary just how much the boys like sports, even at such a young age. I shouldn't be too surprised, after all Vinnie is their dad. Way to go BULLDOGS!

Wheeler Farm

Rocco had a birthday party this weekend at Wheeler Farm. It was Dominic's birthday. I think it's so funny that there's a Dominic in his class. The kids had a fun time seeing the animals, ridin' the tractor, ropin' a cow, a hay ride, cake, and presents. We can't wait to go back...this spring! Rocco was so excited to go to the farm he thought he'd better dress the part hence the overalls, plaid shirt, and boots.


Owen the 3 Year Old

Owen and Chuck E Cheese

My brother Darren and Owen

Rocco's Favorite Part: The rides and games

Dominic's Favorite Part: Eating Cake

My little nephew turned 3 on Valentine's Day and today we celebrated at Chuck-E-Cheese's. We had a fun time riding the rides, eating pizza and cake, and spending time with all of the cousins. HAppY BirThDay OwEn!!!!

Dinner at Zia's

Last night we had dinner at Vinnie's Aunt and Uncle's. Rocco refers to them as Zia and Ta Da. Zia means aunt in Italian and as far as Ta Da goes, Mike (his real name) would always yell "Ta Da" after everything Rocco did when he was little so, this is how Rocco associated him and the name stuck. Little history for ya.... Any who... we celebrated all of our birthdays (such fun!) Zia is an AMAZING cook and made all of our favorites! The cake plate even sings "Happy Birthday" Dominic had fun playing with the dogs and having cousin Rick walk him around. Rocco had fun playing with the toys (especially the piano) and using the real urnal in the boys bathroom. We Thanks you guys for a wonderful evening. We love you...xoxo

Happy Valentine's Day

My pitiful VaLENtiNeS pancakes

VaLENtiNeS tiles we made for the Grandmas, Great-Grandmas, and Rocco's teacher
Vinnie brought me purple flowers and my favorite food, fortune cookies!

I hope everyone had a HAppY VaLENtiNeS DaY!!! We started the day off with some VaLENtiNeS pancakes. We then spent the afternoon at Discovery Gateway with Rocco's girlfriend Ellie. On VaLENtiNeS night Vinnie and I make sure all our single ladies have a date so we take my mom and our grandmothers to dinner at the Hidden Valley Country Club. It's a fun tradition and Vinnie's parents, brother, and boyfriend joined us as well. We had a good time and great food, hope you all did as well. HAppY VaLENtiNeS DaY!!! xoxo

Rocco's School Party

Rocco's VaLEntiNeS Box

Rocco didn't have school on Thursday so his class had their party on Wednesday. I was a room mom so I got to go. The kids had a great time, they decorated cookies, read Valentine's stories, played musical chairs, made cute little crafts, had a Valentine themed snack, and exchanged Valentine's with each other. This was our first time at having to make our own Valentine Box. Of course Rocco wanted his SPORTS related so we made a little hoop and had fans cheering him on. I have to tell you, I don't know how his teacher Mrs. Z deals with 12 pre-schoolers all week. The hour and 1/2 I was there was plenty! I do love that he wants me to be there, exactly how long will that last?

HOLA...We're Home

This is the view from our balcony

This is the view from our lounge chairs by the pool

At the pool

First night at dinner and the show

Vinnie and Senor Frog (sorry, forgot to rotate picture)

After a few drinks and a day in the sun...

Well we're back from our 5 days in Cabo San Lucas. We had a wonderful time, SUPER relaxing. We only went into town one day, we spent the rest of our time at the pool looking out over the ocean drinking cervesa's and pina colada's and soakin' up the sun....AHHHHHH!!! The weather was perfect. It happens to be whale watching season there and they weren't kidding. We actually saw the whales jumping from our resort. We knew it couldn't last and came back just in time for the latest snow storm. We've only been back for two days and I'm exhausted, I think I got a little spoiled on vacation. I forgot these crazy kids are non stop!!! Thank you again to Vinnie's parents for an AMAZING trip!!!! and for taking such great care of our boys while we were gone!


RoCCo thought the belt looked better as a ninja headband

Today we took RoCCo in for his 4 year old check up. He is doing very well I am happy to report. He now weighs 38 lbs. (50% tile) and is 41.5 inches tall (60%tile). I do have to share one funny thing that happened. As the doctor was checking him out, he asked if it would be ok to check his private parts, Rocco then asked him, "My Pirate Parts", we all got a good laugh over that one.


I just need to give a little shout out to my father-in-law who was in this months edition of Sports Illustrated. For those of you who don't know, my father-in-law races pigeons, and does quite well at it if I don't say so myself. He entered a LARGE race in Las Vegas, Nevada where Sports Illustrated did a story on him and his fellow racers. How cool is that to be in Sports Illustrated! Way to go Grandpa. Rocco thinks this is super cool.....I have to agree!!!


This past Wednesday we went to the Jazz Game and celebrated the Jazz Bears 15th Birthday. The Jazz Bear had invited some of his mascot buddies to help him celebrate. There was the Chicago Bull, the Phoenix Sun Gorilla, the Milwaukee Buck, and the Huston Rockets Bear. The Phoenix Suns Gorilla was Rocco's favorite. I enjoyed the Bull. They provided the halftime entertainment and all throughout the game. We had a fun time.


Dominic finished his first semester at "The Little Gym", just in time to start the new semester. His class is called the Birdie class. We're hoping that now he might not be the only one in the class who can't walk. I feel us getting closer though, I do. We're going to miss those of you who move on to the Beasts class we'll catch you guys next fall.

Rocco the SuperJack

This is the result of the sledding accident

Rocco started a sports class this week at "The Little Gym", the class is called "Super Jacks". Each week they will focus on a different sport. Needless to say Rocco is super excited! Dominic had fun watching for about the first 5 minutes, then he was just mad that he couldn't go in and play. The pictures are taken through the glass so they're not that great:(


On Wednesday January 30th, Rocco's girlfriend Ellie had her birthday. We spent the afternoon with Ellie and her mom Jenni. Ellie wanted to go bowling and out to lunch. We had a great time bowling. This was Dominics first time, he'll play any sport that involves a ball. Rocco and Ellie did pretty good as you can see from their scores. Happy Birthday Ellie, we're excited for your party this weekend!

John Gregg Reynard

My cousin John passed away this weekend in an auto accident. He was just 34 years old. My thoughts and prayers go out to his wife Bridget, my Auntie Anne, my cousins Lorry and Kathy, and their families.

When It Snows...We Sled

This past weekend we had a great time sledding at Sugarhouse Park. We had all of my nieces and nephews and my two god-daughters with us. Here are a few of the shots from us in action. We did pretty good, we only had one crash and one minor injury, which just so happened to be Rocco. However, his little nose is healing nicely. Andrea's girls Kennedi and Hailey brought these crazy contraptions that you harness to your legs, sit down, and go. This is what the girls are wearing in the last couple of pictures. If you're looking for something to do with your kids and all of this snow.....GO SLEDDING!!!