Why We Don't Cut Our Own Hair

Enough said!

Golfin' With Dad

Rocco got to go golfing with Daddy, Grandma Joy and Uncle Tony

Dominic may be too young to golf but not to ride in the cart!

An Afternoon at Grammys

Rocco on his new bike he purchased himself with his commercial money

A seat his own size

Is this a Doggie Door or a Dominic Door?!?! Both boys love doing this

Nothin' beats a popsicle, especially when it's 100* outside

Rocco the Super Star

Rocco sportin' some super cool glasses from Standard Optical

Rocco with the make up artist

Not too impressed to find out he has to wear a bit of makeup

The Shoot

This platform actully turned while they filmed him

Aaron changing Rocco's glasses

This past Monday Rocco shot a back to school commercial for Standard Optical (Standard Obstacle, as Rocco says). One of our best friends Aaron (in pic above) owns Standard Optical and asked if Rocco would like to be in their back to school campaign. Rocco had a great time, made a little cash, and did a good job. We'll let you know when the commercial is going to air.

Cutest Nieces and Nephews

Celeste 4

Gavin 3

Owen 3

Clara 6

Just a few cute shots of my nieces and nephews. The first two belong to my little brother Wesley and the bottom two belong to my older brother Darren (as if the hair didn't give that away!)

4th of July Festivities

My BirthDay

Birthday Recap

I had a wonderful 32nd birthday. Thank you for all my birthday wishes. On my birthday we went and had birthday bagels with Andrea and her girls, we then took the kids to the Gateway to play in the fountains, eat lunch, and shop. That night with the hubbies and my mom, we all went to eat at Tempan Yaki (yum, yum). That night the boys gave me their gifts. I got RockBand (so much fun to play) and Vinnie took my up to Midway Saturday night where he scheduled back to back spa treatments for me. After 6hrs. at the spa for me, and 18 holes of golf for Vinnie we met up had dinner at the Snake Creek Grill, hottubed, and spent the night up at the Homestead. We had my birthday party on the 3rd with family. It was a fabulous birthday weekend. Thanks everyone!!!

My Birthday Bash

Welcome Baby Ryan

RyaN PaCkeR RuNOlfSon

Mom Jenni, Big Sis Ellie, and Baby Ryan

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! to our good friends the Runolfson family on their new baby Ryan. Rocco is so excited for his girlfriend to finally have a baby brother, just like him. Rocco also loves the fact that he already wears a mohawk just like he does.

Sacha Needs a Good Home

I received this email from my good friend Brenda and wanted to pass it along...

My sister adopted her from a shelter about a year ago. She had been abused and malnurished by her previous owner. Then, unfortunately, while in my sister's home, her husband was very cruel to her as well. One day he put a shot gun to her face and then kicked her for peeing on the floor (because she was so scared). So needless to say, she is scared of men with deep voices.
My sister and her kids (and Sacha) have just moved to Utah to get away from her husband, he was cruel to her and the kids as well. She cannot keep Sacha where she is living now.
Right now Sacha is staying at Grandpa's house in Spanish Fork. She is doing ok, but she is a house and family dog and I want to find the right kind of home so that she feels secure and loved.
As you can see from the pictures, she lets the kids do anything to her. She is very sweet and just wants to be loved. I don't think she would do well with other dogs in the home, but she did live with a cat. I tried to keep her at my house, but the first night she and my dog fought. She has also fought with Grandpa's dogs but they are learning to co-exist, I think it's a territorial thing.
I think she is very confused and scared right now. She has had so much change in the last week and is probably wondering why she can't be with her Mom. Please call me if you know anyone that she would fit with. They will fall in love with her right away. Please forward this message to your friends and family. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.