Baby Carlson Has Arrived!!!

Friday August 29, 1:05 p.m. 7 lbs. 13 oz. 21 inches long
and 4 weeks early!!!

Baby No Name for now, (Mom and Dad haven't decided) can you believe all that dark hair?!?

Rocco and his new buddy already sportin' the faux hawk!!!

The girls and their new baby brother.

I'm in LOVE!!! How cute is he. Here are just a few quick pictures to let you know he's here. Andrea and baby are both GREAT!!! I will post more pictures this weekend!

A trip to the Home Depot

Apparently we need to be outfitted for our quick trip to the depot.
He left his hard hat in the car.

A Day At The Point, Thanksgiving that is..

The Crew: Dominic, Rocco, Madison, and Katelynne

Dominic and baby goat

Some goats got up close and personal

Rocco riding Clancy the Pony

Jail Birds

Don't ask, he thought this was hilarious!

The cave in the Children's Garden

Dominic petting the chipmunk

Dominic in the ant

Dominic and Maddy playing in the sand

Rocco in the ant

Twist, Lick, Dunk, Eat, and Repeat

Here is Daddy teaching the boys the proper way to eat OREO's


Ferragusto!!! aka Italian Days


My two Italian lookin' boys

Dominic and the Ducati motorcycle

The TEDESCO fam, Vinnie's cousin Brian and his daughter Emily

Party at Polly's

Who needs Disneyland when Vinnie's Aunt has a backyard like this!

Rocco's front flip in action

Vinnie's cousin Rick's girlfriend Kristen was in town, (cute couple)

Dominic takin' a turn at the bounce house.

Lots of Fun at Lagoon (WARNING: lots of pix which may not be much fun unless you're a grandparent)

Why ride a horse that goes up and down when a bear will just sit there...

Lagoon A Beach...I don't think this is what they meant by beach, the boys had fun in the sand none the less

Too cool to have a passenger unless... (next picture)

The passengers are girls!

Dominics very first ride


Blue cotton candy....REALLY

Water Fun!

Cool Hat

Bumper cars was Rocco's favorite ride

A little fun in Pioneer Village

I think this makes a great time out

We were able to make it to Lagoon twice this summer. This was a first for both Rocco and Dominic. The first time we went I took Rocco myself and met up with my brother and sister in law. The second time we took Dominic. I went with a few of my favorite SkyWest buddies and their kids. The boys had a fabulous time. As far as next summer goes, can you say SEASON PASS!!!