Shhhhhhhh! Don't Tell Rocco

Tomorrow morning rather than going to school, (which is where Rocco will think we're headed) Vinnie is dropping myself, Rocco, and Dominic off at the airport so that we can go to DISNEYLAND!!! for the next three days. It's been so hard keeping this from him. I can't wait to see his reaction. I've told Dominic but he's not talkin'. Watch out Mickey, here we come!!!

Bull Riding 101

This is one of Rocco's favorite things to do at the fair. This is T-Bone and Rocco's second year at riding him. Rocco even talked his cousins Clara and Owen into riding him too. Rocco and Owen were both hoping to compete in this years mutton bustin' (they ride sheep in the rodeo) but it's a lottery and neither one of their names were drawn. Better luck next year dudes!


My niece Clara turns 7

I gave her tickets to see Vanessa Ann Hudgens

(Gabriella from High School Musical)

Rocco and Clara waiting for Vanessa

Rocco thinks Vanessa is a BABE!

Darren and Owen throwin' us their ROCK ON signs

Clara (along w/ everyone else) waving their cell phones.
This has replaced the audience waving lighters.

Miss Vanessa herself. She was GREAT!!! Killer voice.

Happy Birthday Clara, I love you!!! xoxo

Introducing Cruz John Carlson