Grandpa Gregg and Nana B Visit

Brother Darren and my Dad

They took the kids shopping and here is Celeste modeling some of her new purchases

I love it when my neices come over, they let me do their hair!

Itty Bitty Ball Round 2

Team Red

Rocco getting some advice from the coach, aka Daddy!

He shoots, he scores!

Halloween Night

Rocco the scary warewolf!

He could even scale walls

His fierce look

Dominic the astronaut

Dominic's booster pack

Was nice enough to pose for a picture becuase he refused to wear the costume trick or treating!

First door down......many more to go......
Our Halloween ritual is to go over to Vinnie's aunt house where we have homemade chili and scones. We then go trick or treating. Once we've returned we warm up with hot cocoa and glazed donuts. I LOVE HALLOWEEN and I'm so glad my kids do to!

Kids Halloween Parties @ School

Rocco with his Biker Mom

Rocco was a warewolf. We spent all morning gluing fur to his face. When I got to school for his party ALL the fur had been removed, he said that it was too itchy!

Dominic walking his Halloween Parade. Grandma Gaye is cheering him on.

Dominic was an astronaut who didn't wear the Astronaut helmet becuase he said he couldn't sing in it!
Hopefully they wear their costumes in FULL on Halloween!


X Rays first

This was Dominics very first time at the dentist. He did great, and had NO cavities!

The Dentist even let Dominic have a go at cleaning Rocco's teeth.


Here are all the cousins at Lagoon
Gavin, Owen, Rocco, Dominic, Clara, and Celeste

Love these guys!!!!

My Latest Painting

My hairdresser, Jamey, had a little girl and this is the painting I did for her.

Cornbelly's 09

Rock On!!!!

My niece Celeste

Sir Dominic

DO NOT EAT the corn at Cornbelly's

Bestest Friends

My nephew Gavin, ropin'

Celeste loves horses

Rocco gives ropin' a try

Dominic ropin'

You DON'T want to know what he's doing

Kennedi's toe touch

Silly Gavin


Dominic would rather rock than bounce

Bulldog Boogie 09'

This was Rocco's first year participating in the Bulldog Boogie. The Bulldog Boogie is where the kids put on a half time show at the Judge Memoial homecoming game. It was really fun and the kids were hilarious. It was even more fun that he got to do it with my niece and nephew. Next year we're going to try and get Dominic in on the action!

Rocco and my newphew Owen showing us their Bulldog Boogie Shirts

The Bulldog Boogie Dancers

Dominic didn't actually get to go out on the field


Rocco in action! His favorite move was the chest bump

Wasn't ME!!!!!

This is what I found on Rocco's closet door. When I asked him about it he claimed he didn't know who did it and it must have been Dominic because it sure wasn't him and that he knows we only write on paper. It didn't matter that Dominic can't write, let alone ROCCO's name is written in blue marker mind you. He decided to stick to his original story that Dominic did it!!!

State Fair 09

Our favorite thing at the Fair, "Little Hands On The Farm" good thing daddy sponsers it!

Rocco loves to milk the cow

planting vegetables

corn for feeding the cow

John Deere, gotta love it

Measuring up...

Legs not quite long enough to pedal

Legs are definately long enough for this