Sinus Surgery = One Ugly Pix


Here I am post surgery. This is a much better look for me than from Sunday when my eyes decided to swell shut. Despite the picture I'm feeling good. They said it would take about 2wks. I go back to the Dr. on Thursday to get all the packing taken out of my nose and hopefully be able to breath. Thanks for all the get well calls, flowers, and slurpees! xoXOxo W

I'm Going To Get Straightened Out!

Literally, tomorrow is my scheduled surgery to straighten my deviated septum. Wish me luck!

A Sample of Rocco's Imagination 101

For those of you who truly know Rocco, you know what kind of an imagination this kid has, and YES John, his imaginary friend, is still with us. You never know what is going to come out of his mouth. For those of you who don't know Rocco as well, let me give you a little insight.

The other night I went to dinner with some girlfriends and didn't get home until the boys had already gone to bed. The next morning when Dominic woke up I noticed a band aid on his forehead. WARNING: One of these stories is not like the others. See if you can decipher which one. Here are the three versions of what happened....
DOMINIC: RA RA (Rocco) bonk head. Owie. Daddy Batman better. Translation- Rocco and I bonked heads. It hurt so Daddy put on a Superhero's band aid and it made everything better.
VINNIE: Rocco and Dominic were playing and accidentally bumped heads. Dominic wanted a band aid so I put one on him.
ROCCO's version: Dominic and I were playing, and Dominic started running around. He ran into Daddy's chair. Daddy's chair has these big staples that hold the fabric on and when Dominic ran into the chair one of the big staples went right into his forehead. We had to have Daddy pull the staple out and put a band aid on to stop the blood. DON'T TOUCH IT, because it really hurts him.
I rest my case!

Get It...Got It...Good

YES, I was one of the many who stood in line last night to get the TWILIGHT movie which was released at 12:01. Now I will have my own TWILIGHT on demand.
Next, we will anticipate November for the release of the 2nd movie in the series, NEW MOON!

Not Just For The Dogs

This is where I found Rocco the other afternoon taking a little snooze.

Happy St. Patrick's Day

The boys woke up to find that a Leprechaun had left GREEN and gold candies in their shoes.

Dominic modeling the Leprechaun mask that Rocco made at school.

St. Patrick's Day GREEN dinner: Green broccoli cheese soup, green rice, green cucumber slices, chicken and Sprite. Rocco is baffled every year at just how sneaky Leprechauns can be!

You Know You're Special When.....

Your Pre-K teacher from school comes to see you play basketball over the weekend. You'd think she'd had enough of them all week at school. Mrs. Long is an AMAZING teacher and we love her. Here is Mrs. Long, Rocco, and his best friend Asher who is also in Mrs. Long's class as well.

Feeling A LITTLE TIPSY, well you should!

Another super fun site created by one of my super fun friends. Check it out! She's just getting started but has some really fun ideas and FREE giveaways. Way to go Michelle. I love the site and wish you all the best. Congrats on your feature on TipJunkie! Just click on her icon to the left and get in on her tips!

Baby Sleep, Diaper, Bottle & Nursing Tracker for the Web

Hey All-
A friend of mine has started her own website and if you have kids you should definately check it out.

Gaggagoo is a FREE online parenting tool that helps parents gain insight into baby's sleep schedule, sleep patterns, diaper changes, bottle feeding, breastfeeding, medicine doses, solid food intake and baby growth percentiles in order to make better parenting decisions about their baby's care. Check it out by clicking on the web address

Also, if you click on the “Avatars” button you can create your child’s avatar ticker complete with custom skin color, hair color, eye color and costume in about 2 minutes. It’s really easy to do and there are so many cute costumes to choose from!

Way to go Alix!

Dominic = Big Boy Pants

NO MORE DIAPERS!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!! I finally feel safe enough to blog about it. For awhile now I thought if I said anything I might jinx it. It has now been officially 40 days since Dominic stopped wearing diapers. I'd love to tell you I had some great impact on this remarkable event but the truth is one afternoon I found the base to Rocco's old potty training toilet and set it out and Dominic hasn't looked back!!!! He doesn't even wear a pull up to bed. He's AMAZING. It's like he woke up one day and was potty trained. I love this kid I tell ya, and at only 26 months old.

Quick and Inexpensive Bouquet

Supplies: Flowers, Shaker, Ribbon/Card, and Scissors

Place a single stem through each hole in the lid of shaker until all the holes are filled. Tie ribbon around shaker, add a card, and voila! An inexpensive happy birthday or thank you bouquet.

One bouquet of small carnations was enough to fill two shakers.

Pnemonia is the WORST!!!!!

First of all let me start by thanking everyone for all of your calls, thoughts, and prayers for little Dominic. He is now on the road to recovery. We had a really scary incident last week that landed Dominic in the emergency room only to discover he had pnemonia. Needless to say, his fever finally broke 3 days later and he is now doing a ton better. For all you mothers who have ever had to make a trip to the ER with your baby I never truly understood just what a horrific experience that is. I hope I never have to do it again.

Daddy holding Dominic while in the hospital for pnemonia.

A Fabulous Valentine's Week!

On Valentine's Day morning, Vinnie and I left the snow behind and spent a relaxing full week in Palm Springs. Thank you to my wonderful in-laws who watched the boys. Palm Springs was soooooo nice they had.....

a little something for Vinnie.......and

a little something for me!!!!!!

Rocco's Valentine's Day Box and Party

Rocco in his cute V Day shirt with his cool V Day box

Rocco's Valentine Box (idea from Family Fun Magazine)

A couple of Rocco's classmates showing off their candy necklaces.

The boys even let Dominic sit with them at their table. Being a room mom is GREAT!

My niece and nephew's baptism

My cute nephew Owen and niece Clara

The happy family.
SIL Stephanie, BROTHER Darren, Clara and Owen

Superbowl Sunday

We had some AWESOME snacks at our superbowl party this year. Vinnie's Aunt did the cake and brownies, I did the 7 layer bean dip.

7 Layer Bean Dip

Were you a Cardinals fan?

Or A Steelers Fan?

Football Brownies

FOUND! The Missing Villiage Person!!!!

Rocco's Parent/Grandparent Day at School

A picture of the kids with their Grandparents. Rocco brought Grandma Joy and Noni K

Dominic wanted in on the action (gotta love the sideways cowboy hat!)

Rocco at work

A little snippit of one of the songs they sang.

These Boot Are Made For Walkin'.......and fallin'

Dominic and his new boots that he wore 24/7 the first week he got them.

He also fell down the cement stairs in them and did a little damage to the face.

That didn't stop him however from continuting to wear the boots.

The boots hold some kind of power, Dominic has quite the personality while wearing the boots. He doesn't just walk, he struts and walks in a very defined heel toe manner. I also love the fact that he wears his cowboy hat sideways.

Rocco's Birthday Trip to Build-A-Bear