Not a huge fan of the big guy....

Dominic was not impressed!

Me and the boys

My sister-in-law Christol and niece Celeste and nephew Gavin.

Today we went to visit with Santa. Needless to say, one of my boys was not to impressed with Santa. It made for a great photo however. Rocco on the other hand, LOVES him! I thought I'd share this little story, the conversation went something like this:

Santa: Hi Rocco, have you been a good boy this year?

Rocco: I'm trying

S: Well that doesn't sound too good

R: I know, it's just hard sometimes

S: Is there something you'd like me to bring you for Christmas?

R: Yes, Geo Tracks

S: Geo Tracks? Remind me what that is

Rocco then goes into a full description of what Geo Tracks is. Santa precedes to ask quite a few questions about Geo Tracks. Rocco looks very concerned. Eventually Santa tells Rocco that his elves can make lots of things. Rocco's not buying it. He thanks Santa, takes his candy cane and antler hat and we leave. On the way out Rocco says:

"I don't think Santa's Elves are gonna know what he's talkin' about!"

Happy Birthday Joy!!!

It was my mother-in-laws birthday today. Rocco, Dominic, and I were able to have lunch with her and tonight we had a nice birthday dinner with the family. I hope everyone is lucky enough to have a great mother in law like mine. Happy Birthday Joy!

Why Walk When You Can Scoot!

I thought I'd share with you a short clip of Dominic and exactly how he gets himself around. I've mentioned before that he has no interest in walking, I believe it's because he can probably scoot faster than he could walk. And hey, if you find something that works.....we think it's pretty funny, what do you think?!?

Disney's Enchanted

It truly is enchanting. This past weekend I saw this movie twice! Once with my mom and grandma, and once with Rocco at a birthday party. We all give this movie two thumbs up. I would highly recommend going to see it!

One month at a time....

I really can't believe that Dominic is already One. It really is crazy how fast the time does go. He had his one year check up on the 21st. He weighed in at 25 lbs. and is 31 and 1/2 inches tall. Which makes him in the 90th percentile for weight and 95th percentile for height. In other words he's a big boy!!! At One some of his favorite things are his blankie, balls, animals, and cars (they apparently all make the same sounds too, they growl). He loves taking baths, eating, and turning light switches on and off. He says Mama, Dada, Hi, and dog. He's a great snuggler and just learned to play peek-a-boo hiding his own eyes with his hands. I love him so much it's ridiculous!!!

Who Loves Cake?!?!

Here is a quick video of Dominic enjoying his first birthday cake. Enjoy.....he did!


Here are a few pictures of Dominic eating his birthday cake. He started out a little slow but really got into it after a minute. Check out the video, he was pretty proud of himself. He didn't mind all the attention either...

Dominic on TV

Dominic's picture will be featured on "Good Things Utah" babies first birthdays on Tuesday November 20th. The show airs at 10:00 on channel 4. The birthday babies will be shown towards the end of the program. Watch for him if you get a chance, and if not, don't worry I'll be TiVoing. Doesn't he make you want to grit your teeth, ewww I do!!!


Here is a copy of the birthday Invitations I made for Dominic's first birthday. Yep, he's turning one, can you believe it!!! I thought they turned out pretty cute.

It's Official!!!

My mom, the MASTER!!!!

Could I be any more proud!?!?! Really....

To top off my Moms 60th Birthday, she (finally) received her diploma for her Masters Degree. This past spring we traveled to Boston Massachucettes for her graduation from Lesley University and so...It's official, she's a master!!! I am so proud of her. She is and will always be my hero! Congrats Mom!!!! "The tassel was worth the hassel!"

Happy 60th Mom!!!!

You're going to VEGAS BABY!!!

My mom, her grand kids, and cake...what else could she need!

The wreath I made with "60" one dollar bills, cute huh!

My mom turned 60 years young this past weekend. We had a party for her on Saturday night, and a breakfast on Sunday, followed by a movie and lunch. It was a fun filled weekend. I started off the week before her birthday having things delivered to her classroom with little notes like.... "On the SIXth day before your SIXtieth, your surpriser brought to you..... One diet coke and some chocolate too!" The other gifts included, Shrek 3, two tickets to see "Enchanted", some gag gifts for those getting older, and PINK Fresh & Clean lotion from Victoria's Secret (soooo yummy, you should try some) anywho you get the gist. She did however figure out it was me by day two! As far as the rest of the fam, we are sending her to Las Vegas to see Barry Manilow. We presented her with a giant poster board size card, which the grand kids all decorated, and put a big purple boa and tiara on her to reveal where she was going. She's very excited to go, as am I since I will be accompanying her (YES, we are FANillows!!!) I also saw this wreath idea and thought I'd try it myself. I made a wreath with 60 one dollar bills. It turned out pretty cute. Happy Birthday Mom, I love you!!!!! xoxoxo

Cute Fam!!!

Owen, Darren, Stephanie, and Clara

My nephew Owen, don't cha love the hair!!!

My niece Clara. I didn't get a daughter, I got Clara

Father and son, now you know where the hair came from!

This is my older brother Darren and his darling family. How cute are my niece and nephew?!?!

Date with Zamboni!

Hot chocolate and hockey

Rocco and I went on a date last night to a hockey game here at our local rec center. This was his first time seeing a real ice rink in person and he's ready to sign up. I haven't broken it to him that he won't actually be wearing the padding the players do. We'll be going to an open skate session soon. He was also rather impressed with the Zamboni which cleans the ice after the game. I must say it is somewhat hypnotizing watching it go round and round leaving the ice so glossy behind it. Rocco is actually on a Father/Son date tonight. They're at the Jazz Game. Jazz vs. Kings

Check out the chompers!

Here are a couple quick pix of Dominic's teeth. They're killin' me, I really think these mightbe his adult teeth and not his baby teeth due to their size, they're HUGE!!!! Hope he grows into them...Good luck buddy! I do have to give him some credit, he's cutting his 7th and 8th tooth right now and he has been a great teether. He doesn't get grumpy or anything. A runny nose is the only way I know he's getting a new tooth.

Look At Me!

Takin' my baby for a walk

Here I come...

I'm doin' it All By Myself!!

OK, for those of you that aren't aware. Dominic doesn't seem to have any desire to walk,...! Which, I might add, is perfectly OK with me, however he is getting a little heavy. It's been pretty funny trying to get him to walk because he WILL NOT bend his knees (picture baby Frankenstein). Not that he can't, but rather he won't. However, this all changed this past week. I have found his bribe. He loves to push the baby stroller with "baby Gavin" in it. (*I apologize for not having a diaper on baby Gavin as he is anatomically correct.) Dominic is perfectly content with scooting on his bum for his means of transportation, which is hysterical, I need to capture it on tape before he really does start walk. However, I grabbed a few shot of his first real attempts at walking.

Trip To The Zoo

Ridin' the croc

The Lynx eating his pumpkin

Look what just hatched!

My brave Rocco

It was such beautiful weather last week that we tried to get in as much outside time as possible. We spent a morning at the zoo. We had a really fun time, just the three of us. We got there at about 10 which was a perfect time because the animals were all eating. Many of them still had pumpkins from Halloween. The boys spent about 10 minutes watching the Lynx devour his. I was surprised that there weren't very many people at the zoo. We had our own private train ride and the boys spent majority of our time on the playground. The zoo has a lot of construction but the new section looks like it's going to be pretty fun with a carousel and all!!

First Haircut

Jamey, hairstylist to the Fassio's

This past weekend, Dominic got his first haircut. I was a little sad to see the curls go but it was time, don't worry I saved the curls to scrapbook them. He looks older to me now. He's got such a round little face and big cheeks that Vinnie says he looks like a bobble head. He was an excellent boy in the chair. Vinnie held him on his lap and he let Jamey do her thing. She was surprised how well he did, we all were. Not only did she use the scissors but the buzzers as well and he was great! Do you think because his mom does his hair everyday!?! That's what happens when you don't have any girls, I do what I can to my boys hair. He now too can have a mini mohawk like his big brother Rocco.

Watch Out Beckham!!!

Soccer Superstar!

Top Row: (L-R) Nathan, Ollie, Zachary, Coach Cathy

Bottom Row: Aslyn, Rocco, Paige

Also known as "THE LIONS"

Soccer season came to close the end of October (thank heavens) the team was done back in September. The last month of Saturday morning games was rough. Instead of soccer it turned into "Whens snack, what's for snack, is it snack time" or "Hey look I can do a somersault, oh yeah watch this! (with some sort of crazy attempt at a cartwheel) and my favorite question, "Is it my turn to sit out now!" Needless to say, 4 ten minute quarters and a 1/2 time is just a bit too long for 3 year olds. On the bright side, we did get a darling photo to commemorate Rocco's first year of soccer and it was worth it just to see how cute he looked all suited up in his jersey, shin guards, and cleats. Don't cha think Rocco's way cuter than David Beckham!

School Pictures

My little Dominic

My little "Big Man" Rocco

Could they be any different?!?!?!?

We got these back in October and I thought I'd post them for all to see. It was picture day at Rocco's school. You send them to school that morning and hope for a good picture. I took Dominic in during sibling time. Me, being their mother, think they're "A-DORABLE!!! Vinnie thinks Dominic looks like a missionary with his hair combed down. Do you think Rocco's going to look back and regret wanting his hair like Andre Kirelinko's everyday? What's really interesting is to put them side by side and compare. Could they be any different?!?! Blonde hair, brown eyes, brown eyes...fare complexion, olive complexion...narrow face, round face...nothing seems to resemble the other. Honestly, they did come from the same genes! Anywho, we love them both. Yummy aren't they?!?!


You are what you watch!

My favorite things, Vinnie and TiVo

The hosts, Tony and Lisa. Tony from Reno 911 and Lisa was a 40's Flapper

Our good friends, Tony and Lisa, hosted a Halloween Party last night. Vinnie and I went as our FAVORITE thing, "TiVo's". Yes, I admit, I am a TiVo JUNKIE!!!!!!!! We had a great time. They get the most clever people in attendance. The costumes are always the best at their party! Tony even grew a real mustache just for his costume. That's some dedication! Vinnie, not so big on the idea of dressing up but he was a good sport and even kept his TiVo ears on the entire night. We had a good time, thanks guys!


The costumes actually worn Halloween night

Is this not the scariest candy corn skeleton you've ever seen?!?!

Big brother sharing a Halloween story rather than sharing his

Halloween candy

First house down, many many many more to go....

Dominic was content to sit in the stroller and hold his candy

Vinnie and his cousin Brian even got in on the action, can you say


My niece and nephew came to visit Halloween afternoon. My nephew was Superman which in turn Rocco wanted his superhero costume on from last year, so Rocco put on his Power Ranger costume and stayed in it for the rest of the night. He was hysterical Trick-or-Treating. At each house once they'd answer the door and he'd said Trick or Treat, he'd lift up his mask and say, "Don't be afraid, it's not a real Power Ranger, it's just me...Rocco" He also got a little confused and keep saying to people, "Happy Halloween, Smell My Feet!" rather than "Trick or Treat, smell my feet!" He really grasped the concept of trick-or-treating this year and if they were handing out something that he really liked he'd say, "Maybe I should take one for my baby brother" and then into his bag it would go. Kids sure make the holidays don't they!


Princess Fiona and Baby Shrek
Do you think I look good as a red head?!?!

Trying so hard to take the hat off

Scary Shark Rocco

We had a great start to our Halloween. I was room mom at Rocco's school so Dominic and I got to dress up and go to school with Rocco. We sang songs, played games, listened to a spooky story, danced, had a parade through the school, and ate lots of candy of course. As you can see from the pictures, Rocco was a scary shark, I was Princess Fiona and Dominic was Baby Shrek. Dominic would not keep the hat on however. It was really cute to see Rocco and his friends in their costumes. I will post pictures from Halloween night as soon as I get them downloaded. Everyone looked a little different!