Salt Lake City Marathon

The Supporters

Uncle Tony and Uncle James approaching mile marker 23

Uncle Tony not too winded to wave

Only 3 miles left

One look back from Uncle James

Cute Cousins


My Pseudo Baby

Already a GiAnTs fan!!!


CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! to my best friend Andrea and her family, they just found out they're having a BaBy BoY!!! (Andrea is proof that birth control is only 99% effective, her record now is 2 pregnancies on the pill and now this one with an IUD.) This little guy is just meant to be here. Since Vinnie is not authorizing any babies at our house I will live vicariously through my best friend! We're super excited for you all! Love ya! xoxo

Grandpa Gregg & Nana B Visit

Dinner with the adults

My Dad and Brothers

Nana B, Rocco, and Owen

Grandpa and Nana B with all the kids

Celeste and Clara

Grandpa, Gavin, and Dominic

Celeste and her pet snail

Rocco's fans at his soccer game

Me and Dad


My dad and his wife spent last weekend here in Utah. They left their 93 degree weather in California to come see the grandkids and my brothers and I. We had a great visit. We had dinners, went to the zoo, soccer games, breakfast, shopping. We don't get to see them enough. Thanks for a wonderful visit. We love and miss you...xoxo


A few too many in the tub!
We spent the other weekend up at Snowbird. It was organized chaos with all of the cousins there. The highlight was swimming at the outdoor pool while it was snowing. Since the kiddies weren't old enough to go in the hot tub we came back to the condo and had our own hot tub!

Soccer Part Deux

The game is just starting so we're excited

Excitment starting to wear off

A few of the teammates

Kickin' it in

Enough of soccer, we'll see what else I can do....make weird faces

Walk like an angry penguin

Try to whitsle with my fingers

Walk like a nice penguin

Four 10 minute quarters plus a half time is WAY TOO LONG for 4 year olds. Not to mention this is supposed to be Spring soccer and it sure doesn't feel like spring weather. We have 6 more games, wish us luck!


Oh what fun with the stamp pad
Lasterday = yesterday
Bill the Bobber = Bob the Builder
R: I like being 4
Vin: You don't miss being 3
R: No, but 2....that was a good year!