Dominic is Finally old enough to play bball

only form of DEFENSE......Hands up

jump shot

he shoots, he scores

hi mom

2 pt. shot Vinnie is his coach

Lunch Date

Dominic and Jessie

Hulk Mania

"Don't worry Polly, it's just me Dominic"

Hulk takes down Spiderman

The best $10 ever spent. 1/2 off Halloween costumes!

Rocco being Rocco

Judge Auction

Bulldog Territory

the ladies

the boys

Box of Boogers?!?!?!?

My Halloween treat to the boys was the DVD "How to Train Your Dragon" and a BOX OF BOOGERS!!!


It was a hit!

Halloween Night 2010

Mr Monkey Man

1/2 way through trick or treating Dominic refused to go to anymore houses he said, "I can't, I have too much candy"

This porch scared the bageebiees out of the kids. There is a guy in the chair and I guy in the scream mask

Cowboy boots completed the costume nicely

Cinderella with fangs

Rocco Ali


Dracula and Dracu-monkey

Ooo Ooo Ahh Ahh

SFX Spook Alley

Pumpkin Time

Clara's Book Reports

Her Scrapbook Book Report

You pull the girls out of their sleeping bags to learn about the characters

Her skeleton book report

It ended up being taller than Dominic
Thanks for letting me help you Clara, I was TOTALLY in my element!

Bulldog Boogie...Beatle Mania

Clara's group

Unce D and D

My tiny dancers

Clara and Aunt Whit

Seriously, does she not have the most beautiful hair!!!

The boys with Vinnie's cousins company van

Their Cheerleader in Charge

The group of boys

taking the field at halftime
Owen, Dominic, and Gabe
the anticipation....
Owen and Dominic

Rocco and his new friend Charlie


Dominic and Daddy



The boys at practice