Santa 2008

The anticipation!!! GREAT are their shirts!
A little hi-5 to break the ice

We'll let Rocco try it first, make sure it's safe
This is a close as Dominic was going to get. However, we are making progress. Compare it to the picture from last year in our blog header.

Greatest Snorkling Spot EVER!!!!

Vegas Baby!

The infamous crocodile at the RainForest Cafe

This is how Dominic saw the aquarium at the Mandalay Bay

Rocco and Daddy petting the sting rays

Rocco in his shark crown

Rocco and the Blue Man Group

Niko and Grandma Joy

Fun on the strip

Watching the street performers

M&M World

Favorite color of M&M

Rocco and the Coca-Cola Polar Bear

Face Painting 101

Carlson Photoshoot

Chatterton Girls Photoshoot

Happy 84th Birthday GG!

How cute is she sportin' her TEAM EDWARD shirt

My 2nd time at TWILIGHT, my grammy and mom's first

Deb and I on opening night for TWILIGHT
We LOVED it!

My grandma, "GG", as my kids call her celebrated her 84th birthday. We had a big dinner at my house where I presented her with her TEAM EDWARD shirt. She read all 4 books from the TWILIGHT series in 2 weeks. Go grammy go! Her birthday was on the 22nd so us girls in the fam all went to see TWILIGHT. I had already seen it on opening night but I had NO problem going for a second time. I'm trying to work out going for my third, anyone want to go?!?