Rocco Update

Rocco is 3 and all boy. He recently played his first 18 holes of golf the other weekend. Dad wasn't sure he'd make it through 9 holes yet he wasn't ready to quit after the 18th. Rocco is busy, busy, busy. We're trying so hard to keep up with him. He loves sports,(especially Andre Kirilenko from the Jazz who inspires his hair do!) pirates and swords, riding his bike, water guns, and the pool. He just finished his first year of preschool. At his parent teacher conference she told us that Rocco makes sure no one goes without a friend. Whether it's playing house with a girl or blocks with a boy that no one seems to want to play with and because of this everyone wants to be his friend. We were so proud. He loves his little brother, sometimes a little too much. The other day while driving Dominic let out a horrible scream when I asked Rocco what happened he asked, "Why are eyeballs so squishy?!" However, he really does love being a big brother and does a very good job of it!

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