Bouncin' Off The Walls VS Some Dude's Playground


Well, the decision has been made. The kids thought that "Some Dude's Playground" was more fun than "Bouncin' Off The Walls". From a moms perspective, BOTW was cleaner but no real place to sit if you have little ones too small to play. SDP, although not as clean, was bigger with more equipment and easier to sit and watch them play. However, as you can see from the pictures we had fun at both places and the best part is, Mom's can play too!


Gina said...

You are out of control. Look at all the photos and all the posts. You are putting us all to shame. That sure looks fun. Perhaps we will take a trip ourselves.

B, K & H said...

We liked SDPG more since they have more to play on ~ have you been to Classic lately, can't believe that it is still there after all these years, they have lots of bounce stuff too :)