Spaghetti O's

After dinner last night Spaghetti O's should be called Spaghetti O-No's. I might have found Dominics new favorite food. He scarfed these up and when he figured out they were gone he was not happy. It was hysterical to watch him eat them. He would grab a handful, put his head back, his eyes would glaze over, as if each bite was pure heaven. Rocco and I got a kick out of it. As you can see from the photos, the bib was no match for the Spaghetti O's. As you can see he had to go straight to the bath. His eyebrows were killin' me. FYI, it's not that easy to get the sauce out of them. Next time we're going to have to fully undress him, he's going to love it!


Gina said...

You are on daring soul. I hope this highchair sits over tile or other such floor. What a blast though. Wouldn't you just love, once, to eat your dinner in such a fashion? Try it. I dare you!

jenica said...

i love all your digi pages. so cute! thanks for the congrats, and happy anniversary!!! 6 years right?