Rocco At The Beach

I thought these pictures were too cute. It's kind of hard to tell but Rocco is covered in sand. Sunscreen really helps it to stick! Rocco loves the beach, as you can see his favorite part is playing in the sand. He even let Nana B and I bury him. We also had fun playing ocean tag. We would have liked to have swam in the ocean but it was FREEZING! We can't wait to go back next month!


Gina said...

You truly are so on top of it. I am impressed with your ability to put out scrapped pages. Sounds like a great summer.

B, K & H said...

Hi Whitney ~ how fun you guys went to Cali!!! I just love it there :) ~ I love that you and Rocco do date nights, that is so much fun. I have been thinking about starting to do that :) ~ hope all is well.