Birthday Recap

I had a wonderful 32nd birthday. Thank you for all my birthday wishes. On my birthday we went and had birthday bagels with Andrea and her girls, we then took the kids to the Gateway to play in the fountains, eat lunch, and shop. That night with the hubbies and my mom, we all went to eat at Tempan Yaki (yum, yum). That night the boys gave me their gifts. I got RockBand (so much fun to play) and Vinnie took my up to Midway Saturday night where he scheduled back to back spa treatments for me. After 6hrs. at the spa for me, and 18 holes of golf for Vinnie we met up had dinner at the Snake Creek Grill, hottubed, and spent the night up at the Homestead. We had my birthday party on the 3rd with family. It was a fabulous birthday weekend. Thanks everyone!!!


Jessica Washburn said...

Wow! That sound like a great birthday! Happy belated birthday Whit, I am so glad I can peek into your life all the time. Take Care, Jess

jenica said...

wow, what a great week! you are looking fantastic by the way!