Happy 84th Birthday GG!

How cute is she sportin' her TEAM EDWARD shirt

My 2nd time at TWILIGHT, my grammy and mom's first

Deb and I on opening night for TWILIGHT
We LOVED it!

My grandma, "GG", as my kids call her celebrated her 84th birthday. We had a big dinner at my house where I presented her with her TEAM EDWARD shirt. She read all 4 books from the TWILIGHT series in 2 weeks. Go grammy go! Her birthday was on the 22nd so us girls in the fam all went to see TWILIGHT. I had already seen it on opening night but I had NO problem going for a second time. I'm trying to work out going for my third, anyone want to go?!?

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Jessica said...

Happy Birthday Grammy! I had no idea older women liked the books too, I thought it was only us desperate housewives. :)

I always liked your mom, I still remember when she showed me her Costco card and said she is using that picture for her obituary. It was a great pic!!