WARNING!!! Following photos are not for the weak at heart. The first photo is of me AU NATURAL. NO MAKE UP WHAT SO EVER!!!! Do not be afraid, you can't have any makeup on when going to get your eyes tattooed. However, I had my upper eyelid membrane tattooed a year ago. I would also like to thank Rocco for his fabulous photography.


A lot of you have asked me what is your upper membrane, now you know. Hope this doesn't gross anybody out.

I had my lower lashline tattooed this month.

This is now what I look like without any makeup. My eyes look a little red and shiny because we took this picture the day after I had it done and I have ointment on them. I super love it and love how it looks like I actually have lashes. I would highly recommend it and the girl who I had it done by.


Michelle said...

It looks amazing! I am jealous!

Gina said...

It does look amazing. I have thought about doing that several times. I always worry that if I ever decide to take the plung, that I will choose the wrong girl to do it and then be scarred, very visibly I might add, for life. Now I know. If I do, I will call you for the reference first. Again, looks great!

Heath said...

I was talking with Gina this morning about getting my eyes done. She told me you had yours done and to look here at your pictures. My only reservation is that I put my eyeliner (only on the bottom) ABOVE my lashes not UNDERNEATH my lashes. Where did they put your tatoo? Above or below? And how have you liked it? Where did you go to get yours done too? I just got this gift for my mother's day and I want to jump on it so I can have eye-free maintainance for the summer! If you'd let me know about it I would really appreciate that. Thanks.