Bulldog Boogie...Beatle Mania

Clara's group

Unce D and D

My tiny dancers

Clara and Aunt Whit

Seriously, does she not have the most beautiful hair!!!

The boys with Vinnie's cousins company van

Their Cheerleader in Charge

The group of boys

taking the field at halftime
Owen, Dominic, and Gabe
the anticipation....
Owen and Dominic

Rocco and his new friend Charlie


Dominic and Daddy



The boys at practice

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Katherine McNabb said...

This is Kathy (Reynard) again..:) My Mom's Annette Williamson..

I remeber Aunt Gaye with so much love! Of course Darren was about our age.

My daughter, Amber Martinson, is in Midvale Utah, right now. Id love for her to get to meet you all!

She's doing her post-doc at the VA Hospial there. I know it"s not to far from Salt Lake. I dont know if your Mom's still in Sandy, Utah, or near there. She's on Facebook under Amber Martinson. Im under Kathy Katherine McNabb (Maine)

missreynardforever@yahoo.com is my e-mail. if someone werid wants to e-mail me, God bless them, I guess, lol!
Not you, lol

Love your cousin and about your second cousin nearby!