8 Year Stretch

*Car breaking down in Cedar City, 6 hours to repair = $600
*Speeding ticket through Arizona = $150
*Arriving late in Vegas to find they've given your room away but have a room with 2 beds = $100 per night
*Anniversary dinner that gives you food poisoning = $100
*Spending your Anniversary with the one you love = PRICELESS

Needless to say we had a Grizwald Anniversary Vacation!!!!!!! This helps explains all the drinks in the pictures below.

8 years ago......


We celebrated our anniversary in Vegas

My new best friend (Dominic was very jealose)

Vinnie made a new friend too!

Drinks by the yard!!!!!!! woo hoo

Margarita's Baby! My favorite drink!

Vinnie enjoyed his too.

Apparently what I look like after all my fun drinks!!!!

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