Happy Valentine's Day

My pitiful VaLENtiNeS pancakes

VaLENtiNeS tiles we made for the Grandmas, Great-Grandmas, and Rocco's teacher
Vinnie brought me purple flowers and my favorite food, fortune cookies!

I hope everyone had a HAppY VaLENtiNeS DaY!!! We started the day off with some VaLENtiNeS pancakes. We then spent the afternoon at Discovery Gateway with Rocco's girlfriend Ellie. On VaLENtiNeS night Vinnie and I make sure all our single ladies have a date so we take my mom and our grandmothers to dinner at the Hidden Valley Country Club. It's a fun tradition and Vinnie's parents, brother, and boyfriend joined us as well. We had a good time and great food, hope you all did as well. HAppY VaLENtiNeS DaY!!! xoxo


Goose said...

I was room mom on V-day too and felt the same way with all the kids! Ahhh! Love the pancakes!

Gina said...

I thought of you the other day. My mom just finished up a huge ward party. The theme was authentic foods from around the world. So, of course, the dessert was fortune cookies. My mom has near 200 or so leftover. What in the world do you do with that? I told her to drop them at your mom's house... hee hee!