On Wednesday January 30th, Rocco's girlfriend Ellie had her birthday. We spent the afternoon with Ellie and her mom Jenni. Ellie wanted to go bowling and out to lunch. We had a great time bowling. This was Dominics first time, he'll play any sport that involves a ball. Rocco and Ellie did pretty good as you can see from their scores. Happy Birthday Ellie, we're excited for your party this weekend!


Katherine McNabb said...

It was nice to pass by and see John's Remeberence Post. His birthday, would have been October 24th; so he"s been on my mind. I've actually had times of laughing: remebering John's sweet soul. There still are tears but happiness in his memory is such a gift.
Blessings to all.

I used to have the pylosophy that ones I loved, could be "struck" with accident and illnesses, ect.
I read that eventually; we all will go through this lifes journey and beyond. Either we we will pass or they will. I truly believe our "energy" is inextiguishable which includes love! Enjoy every moment you can, say what you mean, mean what you say and dont be mean when you say it... :)

Katherine McNabb said...

Sorry, Happy Birthday Ellie!

I had been refering to a much older post about my brother John Reynard.

this was not the best post for a beautiful childs birthday.

I can offer a wonderful saying I've heard:

God danced the day you were born!

Like I tell my daughter, Amber, our song from Lee-ann W. I Hope You Dance!

i wish the same for you!!