Easter 2009

Rocco was diggin' the shirnk wrap eggs

Dying Easter Eggs with the cousins

Dominic and Celeste. Not only did Dominic dye the eggs he re-dyed them over and over again!

The Easter Bunny sent the boys on a scavanger hunt. This is where they finally found their baskets, on the stairs that are under construction

Rocco is a HUGE Scooby Doo fan these days

Dominic is all about Diego

Easter breakfast...OFF WITH HIS HEAD!!!

Outside for a little bubble blowing

and sidewalk chalk

Easter Egg Hunt at Grandmas

We hid about 100 plastic eggs for the boys to find. They loved it!

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Kerrian said...

Fun Easter stuff Whitney ~ Hudson is SO into Scooby Doo also! Let's forshure get together soon.