Jill, My Mom, and Me aka The FANilows!

Mr. Barry Manilow himself singing right at us I'm sure

My mom and Barry during the Copacabana

The Copacabana Bar

For my moms 60th birthday we gave her a trip to Las Vegas and show tickets to see Barry Manilow. Well, last Saturday night my mom, her best friend Jill, and I went and saw Barry Manilow. We had a fabulous time. We wore our feather boas, waved our glow sticks, and sang along to all of his songs. Barry puts on the best show EVER!!! Needless to say, we had a Barry, Barry, Barry good time!!!


Gina said...

Looking hot! That sounds fun. The girls in my family are Barry fans too. Although, after hearing your story, I don't know that we can use the same word "fan." Let's just say we like his music. Glad you had fun.

jenica said...