PBR = Professional Bull Riding

This past weekend we went to see the professional bull riding at the E Center. My boys love to watch 3 things on TV: Sports, Dirty Jobs, and Professional Bull Riding. So, when we saw that the PBR was coming to town we had to go. The boys loved it! Well, they loved the first 2 hours, it didn't start until 8 (already 1/2 hour past Dominic's bed time) so around 10 the boys were super tired but not ready to leave until it was over. Rocco even has a couple toy bull figures of professional bulls and his favorite, "The Freak" was there. His other favorites are Buger Butt Moon Shine, and Lightning Strikes which he calls Lightning Stripes. Yee Haw!!!

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B, K, H & B said...

Hi Whitney!! Looks like you guys have been busy!!! That is fun that you guys went and watched bull riding!!! Let's get together soon k:)