Lots of Fun at Lagoon (WARNING: lots of pix which may not be much fun unless you're a grandparent)

Why ride a horse that goes up and down when a bear will just sit there...

Lagoon A Beach...I don't think this is what they meant by beach, the boys had fun in the sand none the less

Too cool to have a passenger unless... (next picture)

The passengers are girls!

Dominics very first ride


Blue cotton candy....REALLY

Water Fun!

Cool Hat

Bumper cars was Rocco's favorite ride

A little fun in Pioneer Village

I think this makes a great time out

We were able to make it to Lagoon twice this summer. This was a first for both Rocco and Dominic. The first time we went I took Rocco myself and met up with my brother and sister in law. The second time we took Dominic. I went with a few of my favorite SkyWest buddies and their kids. The boys had a fabulous time. As far as next summer goes, can you say SEASON PASS!!!

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