Wasn't Me!!!!

Seeing that we had 4 different types of flooring underneath our carpet, before they could lay the wood they had to put down some kind of cement stuff to help level out the floors. This takes 24-48 hrs. to dry and you CAN NOT WALK ON IT!!!! This particular strip was connecting the old part of the house to the addition. So you had to go up the back stairwell and through the upstairs and back down the front stairwell to get from point A to point B. Very annoying. We had a SERIOUS chat with the boys about NOT walking on the wet cement. Well we were leaving and putting our shoes on when Dominic suddenly appeared at the front door but not from coming down the right stairwell. When I asked him how he got downstairs he burst out crying, this is what I found......

If you look closely you can see that he drove his little skateboard through the entire thing. I now had little tiny feet prints from the back to the front of the house. However, he claims he doesn't know who did it or how it happened.

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