The Reason for Being So Behind On My Blogging!

The reason for my blogging hiatus. At the end of this spring we started a small house addition to our home. Just a little over 2200 square feet, nothing big! ha ha. Here are a few of the beginning pictures. I will post pictures of the finished project. It feels so good to be able to call it a finished project. It was quite the production but we a thrilled with the results. So I promise to reveal pictures of the new addition in a future post.

Roll out the equiptment. The boys loved watching all of the big machines

A little frame work

A look from the inside

and from the outside

a view from the existing part of the house. this is the wall that will be knocked down to combine the addition to the existing part. the hole is where the sliding glass door to the backyard used to be.

don't mind dominic

who needs TV when you can just watch the construction guys at work.
rocco, dominic, kennedi, and hailey. what you can't see is that they have snacks and everything.

some of the original hardwood floor when the house was built in the 1880's

We uncovered 4 different types of flooring when we pulled up all the carpet. Which is now all dark hardwood floors. we had lots of little surprises throughout the construction. that's what you get with a house almost 130 years old.

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Jessica said...

That had to be some crazy chaos, good for you guys. Can't wait to see the finished pics.