Only Rocco!!!

So this is how the conversation went on the way home from school one day...

R: I need some money

M: I'll give you some money if you help me organize the playroom

R: NO, that's not what I was thinking

M: What are you thinking

R: I'll think of something

End of conversation

So, we get home and he asks if he can go over to the farm and I say ok, I have to go over in a little bit anyway, and he leaves.

When I walk over to the farm, this is what I find....
Rocco is out on the dock playing music and people in the drive up are giving him money!!!!
When I ask him what he's doing, he says, "I just thought I could play music and people would pay me." AND THEY DID!!!!! He made a few dollars in a 10 minute time span. As the cars would pull up he would follow them while playing his flute in one hand and holding his hat in the other. This kid I tell ya.


Anthony Fassio said...

Rocco you make your Uncle Tony proud!

jenica said...

hahaha, you have the cutest kids.