Rocco's Spring Program

I'm pretty sure this isn't where the strap goes!

Kaydence, Madison, Steffan, Rocco, Sam, Alexa

Dominic trying on Rocco's hat

Katie, Steffan, and Rocco

Steffan and Rocco

"Goldilocks and the Three Bears"
Hold on to your socks, hold on to your socks, hold on to your socks, here comes Goldilocks!

Rocco and both of his Great Grandmas
GG and Noni

Miss Aiello, Rocco, and photo bomber Dominic

Ms. Rose and Rocco


Jen said...

You are an inspiration to me. Now we'll see if I really do it! Looks like fun!

jessica said...

dando e isso em tanto minino pequenino mais ate que ficou bem legal massa