Teacher Appreciation Gifts 2010

Water bottles and Crystal Light

7 day pill box

Mon: "You really measure up" - tape measurer
Tues: "You are sharp as a tack" - tacks
Weds: "You were MINT to teach" - mints
Thurs: "You really hold things together" - paperclips
Fri: "I am stuck on you" - magnets
Sat: "A little note to tell you you're a wonderful teacher" - post its
Sun: "SODA you know you're a great teacher" - $ for the soda machine
Poem on outside of box: A daily gift for all you do
Teaching my child each day through
Making a difference without taking a rest
As a teacher you are one of the best!
For the office staff, principle, music teacher, and librarian

Dominic's treats


The Sauk Family said...

I wish I were you sometimes.

Kristi Clarkson Pharaon said...

My friend sent me the link to your blog...I love, love your Teacher Appreciation gifts and I'm so going to copy you next year! Thanks for the great ideas! :)