May Recap

Had their faces painted at Ikea in honor of Ikea's Birthday June 23,

Rode the toys infront of K-Mart (yes, they still have these)

Ate some wings at Dads new favorite place "The Wing Coop"

Kennedi had her first communion

TJ graduated from Judge Memorial High School

Saw the Oscar Meier Weiner Mobile

Got Grammy's teeth whitened for Mother's Day

Drove the Weiner Mobile

Rocco finished school and got a cool hat to wear on his last day

Rocco finished his soccer season

Owen started his soccer season (once he got his head out of the net)

Rocco FINALLY got his soccer trophy

Owen playing goalie

Where in the blog have I been? Here are a few of the things that happened during May. I'll now start working on June. Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day. I'd write more but I've got to start working on June......

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Andrea Whidden said...

The pic of Owen with his head in the net, killed me LOL.....finally an update:)