Rocco was tagged!

My girlfriends daughter tagged Rocco and we are tagging everyone who has kids. What you do is ask your child these 20 questions about their mom and/or dad and write the first thing that they say. I was surprised at just how much he got right!!! It was so fun to have him answer the questions about me that I did it for Vinnie for Father's Day. My answers are in pink, and Vinnie's are in blue.

1. What is something mom/dad always says to you?
I love you
You're my best bud
2. What makes mom/dad happy?
When I say you're my best friend
When I say I'm his best bud
3. What makes mom/dad sad?
When I don't clean my room
When I say I'm NOT his best bud
4. How does mom/dad make you laugh?
When you take toys and jiggle them
When he tickles me
5. What was mom/dad like as a child?
You waited your whole life for a real baby and then got me
Daddy was shy
6. How old is your mom/dad?
7. How tall is your mom/dad?
6 inches
32 inches
8. What is her/his favorite thing to do?
Read me stories in bed
Go to Erda (where Vin works)
9. What does your mom/dad do when you're not around?
Breaks things ( I loved this answer)
Watches sports
10. If your mom/dad becomes famous, what will it be for?
Mom stuff
Playing basketball
11. What is your mom/dad really good at?
Making sure my clothes match
Playing golf
12. What is your mom/dad not very good at?
Catching monkeys
13. What does your mom/dad do for her job?
Works with chickens
14. What is your mom/dad's favorite food?
Fortune cookies
Hot spicy wings
15. What makes you proud of your mom/dad?
When you say you love me
He helps me clean my room
16. If your mom/dad were a cartoon character, who would she be?
Paublo (from the BackYardigans)
Austin (from the BackYardigans)
17. What do you and your mom/dad do together?
Go on dates
Wrestle and play football
18. How are you and your mom/dad the same?
You have little brights in your hair like my hair (he's referring to my highlights)
We both like the NY Yankees
19. How are you and your mom/dad different?
I'm a boy
Daddy doesn't like the LA Lakers
20. How do you know your mom/dad loves you?
She cleans my room
Cause he told me


Gina said...

Those were hysterical. I am going to have to question "G" too. That would be really fun to do yearly to see how the answers change. Loved it!

Ryan, Karen, and Maui Reeves said...

That's the cutest thing ever! I love a child's that a word? Anyways, I love checking into your blog and keeping up with you guys. It looks like you're having a great summer so far. Your kids are so adorable.

jenica said...

clothes matching and monkey catching. those are awesome!