WALL-E, Rocco, Hailey, Dominic, Kennedi, and Eve

WALL-E and Rocco

Rocco with WALL-E's girlfriend Eve

Dominic checkin' WALL-E out

Waitin' for the show

We saw WALL-E this Friday on opening day. The kids LOVED it. At the district they have this cute little bench you can sit on and take pictures with WALL-E and his girlfriend EVE. My boys wore their new WALL-E clothes as well. Fun times.


Jen said...

Hey Whit, Your kids are so cute! your blog is darling. Yes add me to your list and I will add you to mine, its so fun to look at everyones families! Love Jen Richards

The Lunds Life said...

I came across your blog through Jessica and Kimball. your blog is so cute, Im trying to get susan on the "blog wagon". I added you to my blog friends I hope thats ok??
Sherri Lund

Jill said...


Of course...add me! I'll do the same. And one of my fav. sites for digiscrap downloads is:


Also, ikeagoddess.blogspot.com is a good one for freebies.

Hope you had a fab weekend! Stay in touch :)