Newest Members of the Jr. Utes!

Rocco showing off his new t-shirt and eye paint

SWOOP making his entrance

The boys got to Hi-5 the football players and they got off the bus

Niko sportin' his new tee

Once the players arrived they let the boys go down onto the field to play a little ball

posin' by the UTES truck

Chillin' on the 50 yard line

and again on the 10 yard line

Niko copying Rocco

Future football player, doesn't he look tuff for not quite being even 2

We had to sneak over and take a quick pic with the CSU Ram logo

Rocco actually made this shot and won a free t-shirt

Just before the game started the boys got to go back onto the field to help bring out the players

Waiting for the UTES

Hi fivin' the players as they entered the field

SWOOP gettin' the crowd pumped up

All of this while the marching band played on....

Needless to say, the boys had a WONDERFUL time and were in absolute heaven. Thanks to Vinnie's Aunt Zia and Uncle Mike who signed the boys up. Too bad for Vinnie that his alma mater Colorado State lost. The UTES beat the RAMS 42-16.


Jessica said...

What a fun day for your cute boys. I love the black under their eyes and could you dress them any cuter?

Kerrian said...

wow ~ you posted those quick!!!! glad you got to spend a fun day with your "boys"

Andrea Whidden said...

I can't believe how big Dominic is, it seriously feels like over night he became a big boy:)

Jamie said...

Hey! Love your blog! I saw your blog addresson FB. It was good to see you a few months ago!

Our blog

banks said...

What a fun days for the boys with the Utes. My uncle take his little five year old to all the Utes game. I am sure he is a little Jr Ute. Anyways, I got caught up on your blog. It looks like you had a fun trip to Disneyland. I can't believe how big your boys are. I can't believe Dominic turns two soon. His birthday is in Dec right? My little Brayden turn 2 in Feb, and I can't believe it.
You commented about running on my blog. I tell people to do a walk/run and then gradually just start cutting walking out more and more. Take it slow, and it will be easier to stick with it. I started running I think a mile at first, and then gradually built up. I first started getting into our freshman year when Natalie kept talking about how much she loved running. It is now like a drug. I am in love/addicted to it.I hope all is well. Loves