Scarecrow Festi at the Point

Ashley and Niko (He has SpongeBob radar, he can find that guy anywhere!)

Rocco playing horseshoes

Would have been fun if there hadn't been A MILLION people there. This was our first time attending the scarecrow festival and I'm not sure we'll be back. First of all it's my own darn fault, what was I thinking attending something like this over UEA. I believe every kid in the valley was in attendance. Aside from having to wait in a LONG line to do anything, the kids had fun on the inflatibles and playing the little Halloween games. We'll be attending CornBelly's later this week, I'll let ya know if that turns out any better.

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Gina said...

I agree with you. We had fun, but it was way too crowded. I went last year and there were only half the people or less. Much better. Hey, if you haven't gone to the CornBelly yet, there are "buy one get one in free" coupons at Hogi Yogi.