Sweetheart Tag....Thanks Jess

WHAT IS YOUR HUSBAND'S NAME? Vincent James aka.Vinnie

HOW LONG HAVE YOU GUYS BEEN MARRIED? 8 years this past August.

HOW LONG DID YOU DATE? We dated for 6 years before we got married.

HOW OLD IS HE? He'll be 32 this December.

WHO IS TALLER? He is by only a couple of inches.



WHO DOES LAUNDRY? Vinnie does the laundry every Sunday like clockwork!

WHO PAYS BILLS? Vinnie does.

WHO SLEEPS ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE BED? If you are looking at the bed, he does. Does that mean something?

WHO MOWS THE LAWN? Celestino, our gardner

WHO COOKS DINNER? We both do, however his meals are always edible which is more than I can say for mine. Vinnie is an excellent cook!

WHO'S THE FIRST TO ADMIT THEY ARE WRONG? Me, because I usually am.

WHO KISSED WHO FIRST? He kissed me first.

WHO WEARS THE PANTS? He does. Vinnie is an AWESOME husband who takes great care of me and the boys. I don't think I tell him enough just how much I appreciate EVERYTHING he does for me

I now tag Andrea, Jenni, Deb, Alix, and Jessica

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