First Haircut

Jamey, hairstylist to the Fassio's

This past weekend, Dominic got his first haircut. I was a little sad to see the curls go but it was time, don't worry I saved the curls to scrapbook them. He looks older to me now. He's got such a round little face and big cheeks that Vinnie says he looks like a bobble head. He was an excellent boy in the chair. Vinnie held him on his lap and he let Jamey do her thing. She was surprised how well he did, we all were. Not only did she use the scissors but the buzzers as well and he was great! Do you think because his mom does his hair everyday!?! That's what happens when you don't have any girls, I do what I can to my boys hair. He now too can have a mini mohawk like his big brother Rocco.

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Anonymous said...

Okay, They are so cute. I love the side by side. Hmmm who's cheek's does Dominic have? Anyway Trinity got her first haircut not long ago, it was trumatic for me as well since Matt took her and got no pictures. Though I will say cookie cutters does a good job. Glad to see you are all well. Michele Sauk