Happy 60th Mom!!!!

You're going to VEGAS BABY!!!

My mom, her grand kids, and cake...what else could she need!

The wreath I made with "60" one dollar bills, cute huh!

My mom turned 60 years young this past weekend. We had a party for her on Saturday night, and a breakfast on Sunday, followed by a movie and lunch. It was a fun filled weekend. I started off the week before her birthday having things delivered to her classroom with little notes like.... "On the SIXth day before your SIXtieth, your surpriser brought to you..... One diet coke and some chocolate too!" The other gifts included, Shrek 3, two tickets to see "Enchanted", some gag gifts for those getting older, and PINK Fresh & Clean lotion from Victoria's Secret (soooo yummy, you should try some) anywho you get the gist. She did however figure out it was me by day two! As far as the rest of the fam, we are sending her to Las Vegas to see Barry Manilow. We presented her with a giant poster board size card, which the grand kids all decorated, and put a big purple boa and tiara on her to reveal where she was going. She's very excited to go, as am I since I will be accompanying her (YES, we are FANillows!!!) I also saw this wreath idea and thought I'd try it myself. I made a wreath with 60 one dollar bills. It turned out pretty cute. Happy Birthday Mom, I love you!!!!! xoxoxo

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