Watch Out Beckham!!!

Soccer Superstar!

Top Row: (L-R) Nathan, Ollie, Zachary, Coach Cathy

Bottom Row: Aslyn, Rocco, Paige

Also known as "THE LIONS"

Soccer season came to close the end of October (thank heavens) the team was done back in September. The last month of Saturday morning games was rough. Instead of soccer it turned into "Whens snack, what's for snack, is it snack time" or "Hey look I can do a somersault, oh yeah watch this! (with some sort of crazy attempt at a cartwheel) and my favorite question, "Is it my turn to sit out now!" Needless to say, 4 ten minute quarters and a 1/2 time is just a bit too long for 3 year olds. On the bright side, we did get a darling photo to commemorate Rocco's first year of soccer and it was worth it just to see how cute he looked all suited up in his jersey, shin guards, and cleats. Don't cha think Rocco's way cuter than David Beckham!

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