Cute Fam!!!

Owen, Darren, Stephanie, and Clara

My nephew Owen, don't cha love the hair!!!

My niece Clara. I didn't get a daughter, I got Clara

Father and son, now you know where the hair came from!

This is my older brother Darren and his darling family. How cute are my niece and nephew?!?!


Gina said...

They are beautiful! A model family. I really love those photos. Thanks for sharing. It is fun to see your family so many years later.

Vicky said...

Hi, I am Kami Banks friend from San Diego. I love to scrapbook and I just decided to go digital. Kami told me to look at your site for some ideas. How do you do your pages, they are really good. Do you use a certain web site? Anyway if you have a second and wouldn't mind sharing your ideas my web address is or my blog link on Kamis page is the Manning family.

Your family is adorable, your blog is awesome, looks like you have a lot of fun. Thanks so much, Have a happy Thanksgiving. Vicky