Trip To The Zoo

Ridin' the croc

The Lynx eating his pumpkin

Look what just hatched!

My brave Rocco

It was such beautiful weather last week that we tried to get in as much outside time as possible. We spent a morning at the zoo. We had a really fun time, just the three of us. We got there at about 10 which was a perfect time because the animals were all eating. Many of them still had pumpkins from Halloween. The boys spent about 10 minutes watching the Lynx devour his. I was surprised that there weren't very many people at the zoo. We had our own private train ride and the boys spent majority of our time on the playground. The zoo has a lot of construction but the new section looks like it's going to be pretty fun with a carousel and all!!

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Gina said...

What a fun mom you are. Your boys are so cute. I love the teeth!